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Order of Books

I’m often asked by readers what order my books should be read in.

The question is a little tricky as some of the books are standalone; some definitely form part of and identifiable series (eg: the ‘Sonja Kurtz’ books); and some feature characters that have appeared in previous books, but could really be read in any order.

So, here goes.

To be absolutely sure you don’t miss anything, and read everything in order, this is the order in which I wrote the books:

Far Horizon
African Sky
Silent Predator
The Delta
African Dawn
Dark Heart
The Prey
The Hunter
An Empty Coast
Red Earth
The Cull
Scent of Fear
Ghosts of the Past
Last Survivor (due July 2020)

Linked books

The ‘Sonja Kurtz Series’ (sometimes featuring Hudson Brand)

Tough former female mercenary Sonja Kurtz has proved to be one of my most popular characters with readers.

Much happens in her life so it’s probably best to read the ‘Sonja’ books in order, which are as follows:

The Delta
An Empty Coast
The Cull

To complicate matters (and Sonja’s life is complicated) she ends up with a love interest in ‘An Empty Coast’ – safari guide and private investigator Hudson Brand.

Hudson makes his debut appearance (without Sonja) in ‘The Hunter’, which, if you want to follow the lives of all of the main characters in Sonja’s life, should be read in between ‘The Delta’ and ‘An Empty Coast’. Hudson is with Sonja, on and off, in ‘An Empty Coast’ and ‘The Cull’

My Zimbabwean saga, ‘African Sky’ and ‘African Dawn’

These two books should definitely be read in this order, with ‘African Sky’ first and ‘African Dawn’ second.

Though I never intended there to be a sequel to the first book, when I set my mind to writing a sweeping tale of modern Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia), it seemed like the end of ‘African Sky’ was a good place to start, with some ready-made characters whose stories I could continue.

‘African Sky’ takes place in 1943, during the Second World War, and ‘African Dawn’ picks up the story of the Bryant, Ngwenya and Quilter-Phipps families from 1959 to the present.

Detective Sannie van Rensburg

Another favourite female character of mine is the intrepid, brave and clever Captain Sannie (Susan) van Rensburg. Sannie first appears in ‘Silent Predator’ as the leading lady, and reappears later as an investigating officer (in minor roles) in some other books.

These can pretty much be read in any order, but if you’d like to follow Sannie’s adventures in (and keep pace with her expanding family), this is the order in which she appears:

Silent Predator
Dark Heart
The Hunter
Red Earth
The Cull

Jed Banks, US special forces soldier and CIA agent

Like all good spies, hunky nice guy Jed has a habit of popping up when you least expect him.

Jed debuts as the leading man in Zambezi, but he’s been known to emerge from the shadows in a few other stories (all of which could be read as stand alone books). Here’s the order in which Jed comes in from the cold:

Red Earth
Scent of Fear

Shane Castle

First appearing in a starring role in ‘Safari’, Shane is a Zimbabwean-born ex Australian SAS soldier, who returns to his African homeland to join the war on poaching.

Shane appears a second time in ‘Red Earth’ as a hired gun.

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