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Ingwe Publishing is owned by Tony Park and functions as the publisher and distributor of Tony’s novels and selected non-fiction works in English outside of Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (where Tony is currently published by Pan Macmillan).

Tony holds the rights for his entire backlist in the US and Canada and most of his titles in the UK, Commonwealth (excluding ANZ and SA) and EU. If you’re a publisher and would like to make Tony and offer he can’t refuse, please feel free to contact us at

Tony’s books are currently translated and published in Hungary and Bulgaria and Tony has ongoing deals in those markets. Certain titles have also been translated and published in Holland, The Czech Republic, Italy, Latvia, Russia and Germany, but he is open to offers from publishers in these markets and any others not specified.

For enquiries about film and television rights please contact Tony direct via the contact form on this website or email

If you’ve purchased a book from Ingwe Publishing, thank you. Click on any of the covers on this page for more information about the book and how to buy a copy.

Ingwe Publishing does not accept any unsolicited manuscripts and nor does Tony enter into any co-writing fiction arrangements. However, if you’ve got a fantastic idea for a non-fiction book, Tony has co-authored several biographies, so feel free to drop us a line.

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